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Direct Cremation Services

Most people don’t know that there are a few different kinds of cremation services in North Versailles, PA. But there are a few different kinds such as more traditional cremations with services and funerals, and more simple options like direct cremations. But what is direct cremation? And why would it be a good option for you?

Direct cremation is a disposition method in which the deceased’s body is cremated almost immediately following death, without a funeral or memorial beforehand. One of the main reasons why people choose a direct cremation is because its more cost effective than other methods.

The body is cremated right after the death in a direct cremation. This means that the deceased’s family or loved ones can use a crematory service rather than a traditional funeral home, potentially saving money. There is no visitation, wake or viewing with a direct cremation. This allows the family to skip embalming the body, which also saves money. Family, loved ones, or executors can also choose to have the body cremated in a simple container, rather than a traditional and more expensive casket, as there is no need for ornamentation for a viewing or service. Direct cremation also allows family to plan a memorial service at a later date, allowing for scheduling flexibility so more people can attend. Also, a longer timeline means even more time to plan a personalized and unique service.

Direct cremation is becoming so popular that The Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule made a list of laws that dictate your direct cremation rights including that you are not required to purchase or use a casket, the crematory or funeral home must furnish a wood box or alternate container for the direct cremation, and the funeral home or crematory must return the remains to you in an urn provided by yourself. If you do not provide and urn, they will return the remains to you in a basic container.

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Typically, crematory staff takes care of all direct cremation arrangements and actions. This includes transporting the body to the crematory and completing a death certificate form. You can also work with a traditional funeral home for direct cremations. In this case, the funeral home will fill out the death certificate and bring the body to the crematory, which is often onsite at the funeral home. Take care to plan for what you’re doing with the cremated remains after the direct cremation. You can bury them in a crematory plot, columbarium, or pre-determined cemetery.

Direct cremation is a desirable option if you are looking to avoid costs such as preparing the body, casket, extensive transportation, or funeral services. There are many funeral homes that offer North Versailles, PA cremation services, including direct cremations. If you have any more questions about direct cremation or would like to learn more about your other options just reach out to Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. We have years of experience and would be happy to help you in any way that we can. Call or visit us today.